Achieving your financial objectives starts with the prudent management of your assets, using sound investment and tax strategies. SYG CAPITAL has developed a discretionary investment platform designed to help you work toward those goals. There are a number of benefits to using discretionary asset management. Here are just a few::

  • Convenience—Day-to-day management of your portfolio is managed by a licenced portfolio manager. Once the decision is made to buy or sell a security, we can act efficiently and effectively to conduct the transaction.
  • Cost—There are no transaction costs. Instead, investment management fees are based on the size of your portfolio. In addition, there are no registered plans fees, and any fees paid on non-registered accounts may be tax deductible. No trailer fees can be paid to SYG CAPITAL
  • Customization—Each portfolio is constructed based on your goals and objectives, using the best managers available and the right products to meet your needs. As we are “investment agnostic,” your portfolio could include Separately Managed Accounts (managed by third parties), ETFs, pooled funds, individual securities and mandates managed by SYG CAPITAL
  • Responsibility—SYG CAPITAL manages your portfolio as governed by your individual Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS helps us work together to construct, monitor and evaluate your investments in a consistent manner. We are responsible for following the investment guidelines established in the IPS and for reviewing the content of the IPS with you, at least once a year. Discretionary portfolios are supervised by Raymond James to ensure compliance with each client’s IPS.
  • Communication—Our reporting to you is comprehensive and includes detailed monthly statements and quarterly reviews of your holdings. Portfolio review meetings can be arranged as often as necessary.

To benefit from our discretionary investment platform, you should have a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets. For portfolios less than $500,000, we have other non-discretionary investment options available.